Springs produced by Curran Coil Spring, Inc. are tailored to your engineering specifications. Through the use of electronic instrumentation and precision equipment, springs are manufactured in wire diameters ranging from .005” to .625”. We can also supply springs from bar-stock up to 3.000” in diameter.

Standard and special ends are available square, plain or ground to specifications within ½ degree. Coil diameter, free length, squareness, rate, load and torque are matched to your specifications. Our machines also have electronic sorting capabilities.

• compression springs
• extension springs
• torsion springs
• flat forms
• wire forms

Wire Forms & Light Metal Stampings

Curran Coil Spring, Inc. has the technical ability and equipment to make wire forms on our automatic coiling machines. In many instances, this saves our customers the added expense of hard tooling. Standard tooling is available for many common designs.

More complex forms are produced on multi-slide equipment. Our craftsmen punch, crimp and bend all kinds of metals to form simple or complex stampings. Working from alloy or exotic metals (beryllium copper, phos-bronze, inconel, etc.), we manufacture metal stampings from strip stock up to .1875” in thickness.


Curran Coil Spring, Inc. can produce spring, wire form and metal stamped parts out of virtually any material. We are ready to meet every client’s needs and are equipped to produce the part you need out of any material.

Standard manufacturing materials include:

• Spring steel • Non-ferrous metals (beryllium copper, phos-bronze, etc.)
• Stainless spring steel • Eligiloy
• High carbon steel • Hastelloy
• Low carbon steel • Stainless alloys
• Nickel-plated carbon steel • Inconel